ShoWorks Entertainment produces classic, new and original theatre and film projects. Internationally recognized and nominated in various festivals, ShoWorks continues to strive to bring innovative, exciting, relevant and thought provoking pieces to life.

As collaborative creatives, we support fellow artists who "Don't Wait. Create" and take the leap of faith, by developing and cultivating their own work. Through our "one-stop bespoke production shop," ShoWorks helps bring your passion projects from page to stage.

In addition, we are the proud sponsor of the "Don't Wait. Create! Award" at the annual Hollywood Fringe Festival, for original and innovative production.


At ShoWorks we believe in imagination and creation, as well as remembering that we get to dress up and play for the rest of our lives!



Jo Galloway


Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Jo made the move out to the States in 2012 to continue her career as a professional actress, singer, dancer, writer, director & international voice artist. Jo qualified in Speech and Drama and Musical Theatre, and she holds her International Tap & Modern Dance Teacher qualifications through the Waterfront Theatre School in Cape Town and the I.S.T.D London.

Theatre credits include “Cats,” “The Full Monty," "The Buddy Holly Story,” "Hairspray,” "Happily Ever Laughter," "African Footprint," "Look Back In Anger," "Some Girls," "Boeing-Boeing,"  "Perfect Wedding, " “All For Art,”“Infantryman In the Wardrobe.”

TV and film credits include "Sketch U Later,”“Intersextions,” "Mighty Med,” Gamers Guide To Pretty Much Everything,”"Masters

of Sex," "The Bandit Hound," "The Orville," “All Wrong,” “The Escort,” “Liberty Falls,” "The Dark Tapes," “American Nightmare,” "The Forbidden Cure"and the upcoming 2019 feature film “The Last Sacrament.”

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Darren Portilla

 Darren Portilla is a Los Angeles born writer, director, producer, and creative enthusiast, co-founding ShoWorks Entertainment in 2015 with Jo. Working with some of New York's top tier Talent Agencies such as Stewart Talent, Abrams Artists Agency and the award winning production company, Scott Rudin Productions, Darren has continued to live by the company's motto, Don't Wait. Create!

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