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"The Fabulous Fables of Aesop" a musical production for all ages, where education meets entertainment! 

School Tour 2019

Magical educational fables, where the mouse squeaks, the lion roars & the grasshopper sings! 

Through song, dance, and humor, this bright and colorful children’s musical educates as it entertains. Described as a “near perfect formula for children's entertainment” and “an inspired piece of theatre”, answering life’s most pressing questions through allegorical myths portraying animals engaged in human-like situations, this show is sure to resonate with both children and adults alike! 

“This kind of show is a beautiful example of the marriage between education & entertainment.”

“Theater is not only a magical way to entertain your children, but it nurtures the most important attribute children have- IMAGINATION!”

Why bring musical theater to your school?

With so many forms of accessible entertainment for children these days from iPhone Apps, video games, online entertainment, and television to the latest craze of Pokémon Go, why should you bring musical theater to your school? Perhaps we should think “outside the box” or the “screen,” so to speak.

Theater is not only a magical way to entertain your students, but it nurtures the most important attribute children have - IMAGINATION! All children have a natural desire to dress up and play games. They can create scenarios out of anything around them, without the need of expensive toys. Armed with the most basic props and their imagination, children can create entire magical worlds to play in, without judgment on themselves or each other. Because no matter how old you are, if a 4-year-old hands you an imaginary phone to answer, you say “hello.”

Theater is a proactive engaging medium, which encourages communication and a way for children to positively express themselves. This is critical in all child development. It moves us away from the labels we place on each other such as race, gender, class and beliefs. Theater takes you into the world of the characters on the stage. In a climate of so much aggression and intolerance, we need to encourage people to feel empathy, and theater absolutely encourages us to do so.


Live theater is an exciting, spontaneous medium, which inspires listening, concentration, lengthening the attention span and

vocabulary, as well as a healthy way to encourage the forming of opinions. This, in turn, creates

room for discussion between teachers and students, especially with a show such as ShoWorks Entertainment’s current production of “The Fabulous Fables of Aesop.” This kind of show is a beautiful example of the marriage

between education and entertainment. The morals revealed at the end of every Fable teach us life lessons we can all live by. As one of the lines in show tells us, “We never stop learning, no matter how old we get.”

Theater connects the head to the heart. By exposing children to this kind of entertainment, we are not only keeping their creative juices flowing, we are creating the audiences of the future and, in turn, keeping the arts alive. In our opinion, this is paramount to ensure the continuous growth of our industry and help develop well-rounded, balanced adults.

By exposing children to theater it develops a natural appreciation for Arts and Culture and allows the creative side of their brains to be naturally stimulated. Creative people usually become the entrepreneurs of their generations, creating new and exciting things and ideas, as well as leading by example. Of course musical theater has the added benefit of music appreciation and dance, two things that children are generally automatically drawn to. Through creative outlets like this, children learn without feeling like they are sitting in a classroom. We are giving them a life experience away from technology and screens, and reminding them how free and beautiful playing can be. As well as remembering that we get to dress up and play for the rest of our lives. How much fun is that! 


What We Offer

There is a myriad of cultural options available to schools these days, from dance to drama, music to singing, art to puppetry. Musical Theater incorporates all of these facets and encompasses educational tools in a creative and fun learning environment. This 50 min interactive show comes with all props, costumes, sets, sound & lights. We are able to quickly set up, and the show is at home in any space. We are able to work within the budgets allocated for special assemblies, arts and cultural events, PTA, After School Programs, Booster and Fan Clubs. ShoWorks performers are not only professional actors, but include internationally qualified teachers in Dance, Drama, Musical Theatre, Improvisation, Multi-Camera Television Technique & Visual Arts through the I.S.T.D, London , L’university Lumiere Lyon, France and The Waterfront Theatre School, South Africa.


What We Require

Access to your schools PA system for sound, and an electrical plug point. You bring the audience, we bring the show! 



What The Critics Have To Say

“These wonderful and hilarious actors portray just a small selection of them (the fables.) The stories are adapted for the children’s stage and for their, and our (grown-ups) enjoyment, education and allegorical delight. With brilliant skill the actors prance and pirouette their way through such classics as “The Wolf and His Shadow,” “The Ants and The Grasshopper,” and “The Peacock and The Crow.“


"The interpretation is refreshingly modern, cleverly choreographed, colourful and effective and well worth a visit.”

                -Johannesburg Star  

“What a pleasure to see dynamic, entertaining and witty children's theatre.”

   -The Argus Newspaper 

“They sing and contort and shimmy, with a wink and a smile and all the while including and involving every youngster in the audience, leaving every child’s face beaming with glee. The set is simple and colorful and ingenious, created with childlike imaginations clearly in mind and it all comes together marvelously.”


                     -Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros Hollywood Theater Critic  

"The rapport with the young audience is smooth...the comedy is bountiful, the singing polished with the production bouncing along at a steady pace.”


  -Cape Times Newspaper 

"A slick, colourful, informative and above all entertaining formula.”


          - Daily Mail  

"I was utterly delighted, the children were entranced. I have nothing but praise for the performance.”

                                                              -The Citizen  

Bookings, Inquiries & Contact Info 

Please click on the button below and fill out the form to let us know what day and times would best suit your school calendar and we’ll do the rest!


Phone: 310-904-8644


We are looking forward to bringing the magic of Aesop to your school!


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