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By: Maria Kashapata 

"ShoWorks Entertainment came to our school to offer everyone a workshop on Multi-Camera acting. Going into the workshop I knew vaguely what multi-camera acting was. However after the workshop I feel so much more educated and aware of the difference between multi-camera and single-camera.

On Saturday we established the basics. We began with some imporv games to get us out of our heads and loosen up. Afterwards, we learned the different jobs of the cameras we would encounter on a multi-camera, t.v. show set. We also learned the different terms used on a set. After we had the basics we moved onto a table read, using a script from a multi-camera show. The table read was a lot of fun, as an actor I was able to do what I love and take on a role of a character unlike myself. After the table read we moved to set. We took turns acting and working behind the camera. We learned how to move our bodies, where to to stand and how to direct our lines so they came across in a comedic way.

On Sunday we took it one step further. We started again with improv and it was so much fun. As an actor I came out of my shell a lot more and it was very freeing. We then watched a scene from our script and pointed out the different camera angles they used along with how the characters moved. We then jumped into a scene. We practiced blocking a scene and took turns filming them as well. We ended the weekend doing a multi-camera version of the Cha Cha Slide. It was a blast!

This weekend made me realize how much I wanted to be an actor. We all agreed how excited and pumped we were during and after the workshop. Events like these, where you get the opportunity to learn and grow in your craft, inspires us all. It puts a fire in your heart and makes you want to work 10x harder to achieve your dreams. As an actor I was lucky enough to get this opportunity."

"Amazing Workshop this past weekend..You guys are amazing! Had a great time and learned some great things! Anyone looking for multi-cam advice go follow them and register for a workshop! 

-Jaheem Toombs

Nickelodeon's "100 Things To Do Before Highschool."

By: Jamila Koch

"This weekend a group of filmmakers such as myself participated in a ShoWorks Multi-camera Workshop. We started the two-day workshop by learning about what multi-camera sets are and the terminology necessary to understand it. As a filmmaker who works primarily on single camera shoots a multi-camera set-up is certainly a new experience. Multi-camera shoots have four camera’s (A, B, C, and X) shooting the same scene.


At the end of the first day we were assigned to learn the terms used on set such as 10-1 (bathroom break), hiccup (minor camera change), and hard five (an exactly five minute break). The second day I blocked out scenes and assigned camera angles to each of the cameras. This helped me build endurance for multitasking, which is imperative for any good filmmaker. Overall, the ShoWorks Multi-camera Workshop taught me the necessary skills used on set and the teamwork needed to create an amazing show."

Olivia (age 11): 

I recently had the chance to experience the amazing Show Works, Multi-camera Workshop.  It was loads of fun and very educational.   I learned how to master a table read, a lot of different stage directions (and a cool dance to go with it) and the names of the four cameras which are A-B-C and X (AKA: Robin Williams’s camera).  I loved how the class was set up and that we each got to not only have a part in the scene to act but to work on the cameras as well!

..I still know that when I do book a role on a multi camera set I will know everything I need to and more.  I’m very thankful to ShoWorks for giving me such an awesome opportunity to have such a fantastic class with such a fantastic group of people. 

"The ShoWorks Entertainment Workshop was one of the best weekends of my entire life."

-Maria Kashapata

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