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What our audience has to say...

"Wholly committed, fearless, and talented actors. Smart design, which made each scene and character both distinct and recognizable enough for the children in the audience. Bring the kids! You will be glad you did."

"...each performed with unabashed commitment necessary for children’s theatre." 

- Connor Keene 


Well-told story and interesting characters. Glad I took the time to see it. Great creativity! Love that  stories like these can be recreated for audiences over and over and it never gets old. :)What a great show!  Definitely see it, worth the time and money for sure. Want to see their other show now too given what  wonderful job they did with this one.

- G Edwards


"Lots of clever, wise and humorous ideas. While totally appropriate for children I thoroughly enjoyed it from an adult perspective. Good choreography for the different characters. Enjoyable family fare with some clever adult references. Good actors working well as an ensemble."

- Susan Fisher


"The storytelling was beautiful. I had a smile on my face the entire time. My 5 year old son was on the edge  of his seat waiting to see what was coming next. A must see for any kid. The characters as super fun and all  the actors have beautiful voices. There are numerous subtle life lessons taught through Aesop’s fables and   the play ends with a very sweet message."

-Fringe Reviewer 2017


"...such beautiful, rich and unique voices sing and tell the fables. The cast is super animated and they turn on a dime between some hilarious character portrayals."

"...The ensemble cast gives it 150%.  I found myself at the edge of my own seat, amidst the giggling adults and children. I recommend families come see this together, you will be so glad you did! "

- Rasika Mathur


"This witty very slick production is not just for the children. The production is slick and charming with an excellent script and original music. 
The cast of four performs a wide variety of roles and a very funny script with great expertise and aplomb. 
An excellent show for the whole family and a wonderful way of introducing children to live performance – grab your seats. A colorful show with inventive sets and costumes. Nothing I didn’t like. Slick, witty with a multi- talented cast. Great music and fun for the whole family. Take the kids and borrow as many as you can! "

- Fringe Reviewer 2017


"What I liked the most was how the different stories and performances made my kids laugh. They were enjoying every single moment and the laughs the made the big difference. Seeing them smile and having a great fun and educating time is what I most appreciate. My impression was fantastic. I was amazed by the charismatic personality of all the actors to bring to life this fables including a good thoughtful message while captivating the kids at the same time."

- Sandra Lena


"Great performances from a versatile cast make the show a winner. The different dialects and character work all in colorful costumes are. Finely-tuned performances breathe life into the classic, and sometimes, forgotten fables."

- James Schneider

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