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 "This production literally left the audience stunned before breaking into applause..."

“Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.”

JFK’s words neatly exemplify the substance of Keith Galloway’s harrowing meditation on one of

humankind’s oldest and ugliest pursuits. Consisting of 25 scenes and vignettes, and drawing material

from a broad variety of sources, Infantryman in the Wardrobe: Words of War chronicles the courage,

sacrifice and carnage of World War I, World War II and the Vietnam debacle, as well as the loss and

suffering of those on the home front.

Jo Galloway’s direction and choreography are effective, and the show is sadly relevant and thoughtprovoking,

particularly in these deeply troubled times. The finale is every bit as gripping as the

introduction: images of nuclear detonations flash on screen, and Chris Chapman and Chris Worley

recite an updated version of Martin Niemӧller’s “First they Came.”

-Lovell Estell III

Stage Raw Top Ten Picks Fringe 2017

"The cast carries the show superbly, creating choral poems and creating heartbreaking tableaus."

..."it was an intelligent staging and beautifully acted by all as well as wonderfully choreographed by Galloway herself.  This one grabs a GOLD MEDAL."

-Ernest Kearney 


"...the themes, the songs, choreography, video imagery, dialogue, all aspects of the show. Everything worked for me.

As a US Army combat veteran, I will say that this show moved me and is extremely relevant in today’s world climate. It is timeless and quite avant-garde. Definitely worth the watch.

- Fringe Reviewer 2017

"A very talented and versatile cast. I was impressed at the ease of accents, from various regional British, to Jewish, to Dutch, to American and Robotic….Similarly, although the characters were representative rather than personal, each character felt natural and three An anti-war piece that brings home the human cost of war in terms of lives lost, lives ruined and lives forever changed. Moving and poignant"

-Jack Stroud

"The theatre is intimate and the show grabs your attention from beginning to end. Well acted and intense. A couple of surprising light moments balance it out for an excellent total experience.Well done!! G O. S E E. I T!"

-Jennifer Deines

"This production literally left the audience stunned before breaking into applause.  It is nothing short of brilliant with a versatile group of consummate actors who handle a wide variety of accents and characters with great insight and expertise. The message could be described as " a protest piece" but that would be to underrate it and simplify the intention."

"...The production includes some powerful vocal performances and deadly humor, all beautifully linked together. 
"...Jo Galloway, who originates from South Africa with an impressive performing and writing background, has totally established herself as a young writer and director of note. This production is a " must see." This is a production worthy of further development and reaching a wider audience. A thoroughly professional, well written and constructed piece."

-Fringe Reviewer 2017

"This was so beautifully done. Dialogue was a compilation of poems letters, narrative, songs. Very clever and poignant. Very intense subject matter but so rewarding for those who appreciate serious theater."

-Sheila Troiano

"Wow!!!! very powerful piece on the ease in which we have always stepped into war as a solution only to find ourselves being destroyed. It was also a real warning of what could still happen to us if we don’t stand up and resist.

Amazing cast… and a very relevant look back at the history of war."

-Paul Elliot

"Distinctive Voices Award" Nominee at the Hollywood Fringe 2017

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