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The times we live in create the illusion that the only way to be relevant is to be famous. To be a star! We want to remind our students that it's also about preparation meeting opportunity, and to that end, there is no substitute for solid training. Not just to be a star, but to be the best you can be at your craft.


Many of these kids learn "on the job." In most other industries, you wouldn't have that luxury. The inner workings of your chosen field would be mandatory. Why should our profession be any different?


At ShoWorks, we believe in nurturing the most

important attribute children have - IMAGINATION!

There is an abundant choice of acting schools, studios, workshops and classes in Hollywood, so when it comes to choosing a place to train, there is no shortage of options. Training in LA can be a daunting process, for the kids, but especially for the parents. You have to trust that the people teaching your children have the skills, experience, credentials, creativity and psychology to manage kids of all age groups and cradle their classes accordingly.




You've booked the role! You're on the set!


The director yells, "That's a hiccup." What do you do?

A) Hold your breath?

B) Drink water through a straw?

C) Sign up for "ShoWorks Multi-Camera Intensive" and learn the lingo!


ShoWorks On Camera Multi-Cam Workshop teaches and prepares young actors to work on a professional multi-camera television set. However, the focus of this course is not primarily on acting. Instead, we offer an educational training program where students acquire the technical practical skills used to shoot popular Multi-Cam comedy shows. They learn how the sets of professional sitcoms create the magic, from script to screen. 


Through interactive, creative teaching techniques and a structured syllabus, our students learn to marry their performance skills with the mechanics of this specific shooting style. Physically using and operating four cameras, quadrant shooting, understanding camera blocking, table reads, script layouts, stage direction, rehearsals, set terminology and shooting techniques, students will have the essential tools necessary to confidently perform "on the day." 


The weekend will culminate in a fun live performance using the skills and techniques learned over our two day intensive, where family and friends are welcome to attend!


At ShoWorks, we believe the skills our students learn in our classes will benefit all young actors throughout their careers, as many primetime network shows such as "Mom," Fuller House," "The Big Bang Theory," and "Undateable," etc. also use this form of shooting. Once they have mastered this kind of training and understanding of the medium, it is a skill set they will continually use as they develop along their acting journey.


Our Workshop Includes


 - Improvisation and Warm-up                                         

 - What is Multi-Cam?                                              

 - Tech Talk & Set Terms                                

 - Structural Script Breakdown & Table Read

 - Understanding of Multi-cam comedy writing                          

 - Character & Scene Assignments                      

 - Technical Camera shooting setups

 - Blocking and Rehearsing Scenes On-Camera                    

 - Performance & Skills Application 




Ages 12-17

Saturday & Sunday 9:00am-1:00pm

Ages 18 & over

Saturday & Sunday 1:30pm - 5:30pm

Tuition Fee: $260 per student

Limited to 12 students per class

Please visit the bookings page for available dates

or email us directly.

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